8 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight Fast


Do you want to lose weight fast? Have you been struggling with keeping the weight off for the long term? Here are 8 reasons you are not losing weight fast. 

Losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your health. I don't think anyone will deny that. It can also be one of the most difficult things to do. How many times have you decided today is the day? Today is the day that I start my diet and lose all this weight, only to find yourself binge eating that very same night! Here are 8 reasons why you are not losing weight.

#1 Mindset

The first reason you are not losing weight is your mindset. The mindset is probably the most important part of your weight loss journey. Without the proper mindset, you are doomed to fail. Not to worry, not everyone who has lost weight and kept if off started with the mindset they have now. They forced their mind to change by the actions they took that created progress. Sometimes you have to fake it 'till you make it. Get up and do it! If you don't want to go to the gym, go to the gym. If you don't want to go for a walk, go for a walk. Eventually, you will want to do what it takes to continue your journey. By forcing yourself to do those things you don't want to do you will see progress and progress fuels your mindset.  

#2 Calories in vs. Calories Out

Calories matter. The second and arguable the main reason you are not losing weight is you are eating too much. Simply put, you need to burn more calories than you take in. If your body needs 2,000 calories to maintain your weight you need to eat less than that. Sure, there are other factors to weigh in, for example, medical issues and lifestyle but as a general rule, eat less move more.

Here is a pro tip to get you off to a great start.

Find your TDEE. Your total daily energy expenditure is the total amount of calories your body burns including factors such as exercise, age, and other daily activities. Knowing this number will help you calculate how many calories to eat each day to lose weight, or gain weight if that is your goal. Eat at least 500 calories under your TDEE. This will put you in a slight deficit which is necessary to lose fat.

#3 Meal Prep

You are not prepping your meals. Preparing your meals ahead of time is instrumental in ensuring you are eating in a slight deficit without going over. Let's face it, we all find ourselves hangry and nowhere near a kitchen so what do we do? We find the nearest snack machine or fast food restaurant. You are setting yourself up for failure by not preparing your food ahead of time. Grab yourself some Tupperware and cook your food for the week. These are my favorite containers.


#4 Food Choices

You are eating the wrong foods. The type of food you eat is almost as important as eating in a calorie deficit. Take two people… One of them eats 2000 calories of whole foods such as lean meats, vegetables, healthy fats, complex carbs, and minimal sugar; the other eats the same amount of calories but all junk food. Who do you think will have the best results? It should be obvious that the one who eats the "clean" foods will achieve much greater results than the one who eats junk.

#5 Undereating

You are not eating enough. I know what you're thinking. But Jimmy, you said I need to eat in a calorie deficit! Yes, that is true but I did not say to eat too little either. Eating under the optimal deficit of 500 calories can harm your metabolism. The lower you take your calories the lower your metabolism goes. Think of it this way… Your body is like a vehicle and the food you eat is the gas. If you are very overweight then you will need more gas (calories) to fuel the vehicle. If you don't put in enough gas then your vehicle will not go anywhere. If you put too much gas (food) then it will spill over into fat. Find your TDEE, create a deficit in calories, and eat that amount.

#6 Water

You're not drinking enough water. Your body needs water to survive. Not only that but every cell in your body needs water to function properly. You are trying to lose weight so give your body the necessary ingredients to optimize fat loss. Most experts say .5 - 1fl. Oz of water per pound of body weight. This may seem like a lot to drink but you should be exercising so this is also to replenish water lost due to sweat. Coming from someone who does not like the taste of water unless I am really thirsty here's a pro tip. Mix BCAA's in your water and drink throughout the day. This will help you get that much-needed water in and provide essential amino acids which will help in muscle gain. BCAA Gainz is perfect for this.

#7 Cardio

I hate cardio! Says almost everybody. The truth of the matter is if you want to lose weight fast you need to be doing cardio. The more the better. Cardio creates a caloric deficit as we talked about earlier. Stop making excuses and do the cardio. There are multiple types of cardio such as LISS (Low-intensity steady-state), HIIT (High-intensity interval training), walking, running, sports, and many more. Pick the one you get the most enjoyment from and do that one... often. 

#8 Consistency

I will end with this. Consistency will be the reason you succeed in your weight loss journey or fail. The results you are truly after will not happen overnight. You must stay consistent with your diet and exercise and remember this is a lifestyle. Most people want instant gratification but losing weight or gaining weight for that matter is a process and I urge you to stay consistent each day. Let The Gainz Begin!  

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