Frequently Asked Questions

  1.     What are the benefits of the Nutragainz Health Stack?

The Nutragainz Health Stack is a miracle specific combination of supplements derived from many herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and many vitamins and minerals, for the need for optimal health.

Key Health Benefits of Nutragainz Health Stack:

  •         Helps Boost the Immune System
  •         Helps Improve Digestion and Support Break Down of Food with Digestive Enzymes
  •         Helps Support Mental and Cardiovascular Health
  •         Helps Regulate Metabolism and Red Blood Cells Formation
  •         Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels and Blood Pressure
  •         Helps Support Liver, Bone, and Teeth Health
  •         Helps Maintain Eye, Skin, Hair, and Nails Health


  1.     What products are included in the Nutragainz Health Stack?

The Nutragainz Health Stack includes the following products:

  1.     Green Superfood
  2.     Red Superfood
  3.     Elderberry Immunity
  4.     Men's or Women's Multi


  1.     Who should use Nutragainz Health Stack?

Nutragainz Health Stack is for everyone, whether they are students, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, busy parents, or anyone else who wants to optimize their overall health, improve digestion, boost immunity and enhance energy levels.

  1.     When and how to use Nutragainz Health Stack?

Mix one scoop of Green Superfood, one scoop of Red Superfood, and one scoop of Elderberry Immunity in a glass of cold water and drink with two capsules of Men's or Women's Multi once daily, preferably with your first meal in the morning.

WARNING: Don't take on an empty stomach. You should use Nutragainz Health Stack after seeking your health care professional's advice, especially if you are on medication or have a medical condition.